What is Fourslide ?

Here at The Clover Wire Forming Co. we have over 40 four-slide machines also known as a multislide or four-way. Fourslide machines are very efficient at high volume wire forming or metal stamping. These machines of all sizes use perfectly timed cams and custom built tooling attached to four “slides” that each pushed the wire into the desired form. These machines allow us provide our customers with everything from simple straight and cut to the most demanding shapes.

Advantages Of Fourslide.

Fourslide tooling is very cost efficetive when compared to progressive dies or tools needed for a conventional punch press, saving you money.

In the right hands (like ours) Fourslide machines are extremely capability of holding very tight tolerances. This ensures you get the parts to work as needed.

Fourslide tooling is excellent when you need all your parts to match one another in dimension, so they will fit into your components each time. Even with long wire feeds where most CNC machines fall short.

Fourside Machines produce parts at a much faster rate than other wire bending and stamping machines, this not only helps you get your parts faster but also brings the cost down.

Fourslide is run reliably, this ensures that we can get you parts when you need them.

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