Wire Forms and Stampings For All Sorts Of Housewares and Kitchen Products

From Mops to Meat Hooks and Skewers to Strollers We Do It All.

Clover Wire Forming Company has been supplying the housewares and the commercial kitchen industry with custom wire forms and stampings for over 50 years.  

We understand the unique challenge of balance quality, durability, aesthetic requirements on all visible components and the need to keep costs low to be competitive.  

We also understand that often the components we manufacture are used in conjunction with injection molded parts and for for this reason we build build custom gauges to help ensure that the seamlessly with other parts of your design.

Cleanliness of the parts could also be a factor and when required we offer many options to get you the cleanest parts when necessary.

On-time delivery is absolutely essential to keeping the production line running.

We have built thousands of tools and dies over the years just a small random sampling would include:

  • Bails for Plastic Buckets
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Handles for Plastic Totes,
  • Hinge Pins and Axels for a Multitude of Housewares.
  • Frames for All Sorts of Products Including Wire Mesh Strainers.
  • Components for Flower Pots and Bird Feeders.
  • Components for Pest Control Devices
  • Suction Cup Hooks
  • Stainless Steel Skewers
  • Commercial Grade Meat Hooks

Other items for the home, but not specifically housewares are axles for pull toys, wire connectors for collectable dolls, components for baby strollers, S-hooks for rubber straps, D-rings for pet collars and components for squeeze mops and sprinkler systems that make homes and businesses safe from fire.

Clover makes it our mission to ask the questions that the customer should have asked us if they were knowledgeable about wire forming.  We ask questions like what type of finish is required, is it visible or just required for corrosion protection, how to pack to minimize tangling and improve productivity, etc.

If you request a quotation from Clover Wire, you can expect us to imagine how these parts are used on the assembly line, how they are used in the field, and what we need to do to make parts that meet all of your component needs.
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