Welded Wire Ring
Welded Wire Ring No Burring

We Offer Full Penetration Welds Without Any Burring

Bend Test Wire Rings

Welded To Withstand 45° Bend Test

Simply the Best Rings. Period.

Rings Produced and Counting

Clover Wire now offers its Generation 4 welding process. This advancement allows us to offer a welded ring that combines amazing strength with a minute, if not a total lack of, burring. Our fully automated and streamlined machines require no tooling, enabling Clover Wire to offer the highest quality rings for the most competitive prices.

    Benefits Of Clover Rings

    " Our Welded Rings Are Designed To Have Minimum To No Burr, Yet Still Strong Enough To Withstand 45° Bend Test "

    Large or Small, Thick or Thin
    Producing Wire Rings of Superior Quality.

    Minimal to Zero Burring - Able To Withstand 45° Bend

    Minimal To No Burring

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